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Being tormented by a deadly flood, a little Assamese girl 'Hiya' ventures to get help for herself and her grandmother. But her path includes a forest which is inhabited by the local boogeyman Kankhua.

Kankhua is our effort to encourage people to take a step outside into the unknown to earnestly enquire and understand the "man" in the "Bogeyman", and who knows it could turn your opinion about them up-side down!

The film "Kankhua" is a small part of the "Lalon and Q" series that we are developing as an IP at Girgit Studios, that is filled with such small thought provoking stories for children (and grownups who managed to keep the child alive in their hearts.) Each story is being directed by talented Animation storytellers from India and executed by team of designers in a different style and treatment.


Girgit Studios | Lalon and Q


Directed by: Arindam K Dutta
Produced by: Girgit Studios Pvt Ltd
Creative Producer: Swarup Deb
Creative Director: Anuj Kumar
Story Director: Avinash Medhe
Project Coordinator: Susmita Sanyal

Narrator Voice: Lalon
Character Voices: Audio World Pvt Ltd
Background Music: Pallav Hazarika
Kongkon Kaushik Bordoloi
Sound Effects and Mixing: Mayur Mochemadkar

Animation: Arindam K Dutta, Krishna Kothari
Compositing: Dwarkesh Bodana
In collaboration with: Lalon and NID




Girgit Studios | Lalon and Q

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