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Catch the Kankhua at MIFF24

Updated: Jun 25

Kankhua a film directed by Arindam K dutta and Produced at Girgit Studios is nominated at Miff 24 Mumbai, India.

Read the article in Animation Xpress

Earlier the film also got nominated at prestigious festivals like Hsin-Yi Children's Animation, Taiwan 2023, IDFFS Kerala 2023, Chiaff 24 and BISFF 2023, an Academy Awards qualifier festival in India.

In a flood-ravaged village, ten-year-old Hiya embarks on a perilous journey, armed with a magical Gogona, to save her frail grandmother. Confronting her fears and the mythical creature Kankhua, Hiya uncovers unsettling truths about prejudice and the power of empathy. This visually stunning animated short deftly explores themes of xenophobia and the cyclical nature of fear, challenging viewers to reflect on the narratives that shape our perceptions of others. Through Hiya’s courageous odyssey, the film offers a poignant commentary on the urgent need for understanding and unity in divided times.

The film "Kankhua" is a small part of the "Lalon and Q" series that we are developing as an IP at Girgit Studios, that is filled with such small thought provoking stories for children (and grownups who managed to keep the child alive in their hearts.) Each story is being directed by talented Animation storytellers from India and executed by team of designers in a different style and treatment.


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