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Arshia, Mridu and Fulwari are three entrepreneurs from Telangana, Assam and Rajasthan. While waiting for their venture funding event to begin, they find themselves opening up their hearts, sharing about their entrepreneurial journey, experiences and hardships. Despite their varied cultures, upbringing and nature of businesses, they find a connection with each other. They take home some learnings, maybe more valuable than just the funds they had come for to the event.

Pahal- An Initiative



Directed by
Swarup Deb
Anuj Kumar
Avinash Medhe

Character Voices
Mridu | Dipannita Sharma Atwal
Fulwari | Ashwini Kalsekar
Arshia | Namita Gupta

Music Direction and Sound Design
Roto Shah

Creative Producer
Swarup Deb

Art Direction and Production Design
Anuj Kumar

Screenplay and Storytelling
Avinash Medhe

Technical Supervision
Aditya Hegde

Story and Screenplay consultant
Shilpa Das
Ranjitha Rajeevan

Swarup Deb
Anuj Kumar
Avinash Medhe
Smitha Sudhakaran

Avinash Medhe
Swarup Deb

Recording Studio
Studio 201

Scratch VO Recording
Mayur Mochemadkar
Akshay Chauhan
(MAD Frames Pvt Ltd)

Arshia's Backstory
Animation Direction | Aman Luthia
Storyboarding | Aman Luthia
Art and Character Desian | Aman Luthia
Coloring | Aman Luthia and Vaibhavi Venkatraman
Compositing | Anuj Kumar

Mridu's Backstory
Animation Direction | Krishna Kothari
Storyboarding | Krishna Kothari
Art and Character Design | Krishna Kothari and Anuj Kumar
Coloring | Krishna Kothari and Vaibhavi Venkatraman
Compositing | Anuj Kumar

Fulwari's Backstory
Animation Direction | Rishab Sharma, Anuj Kumar and Avinash Medhe Storyboarding | Rishab Sharma Art and Character Design | Anuj Kumar Coloring | Rishab Sharma and Anuj Kumar
Compositing | Anuj Kumar

CGI Production
Project Manager | Aditya Hegde
Character Design | Anuj Kumar
Animation Director | Swarup Deb and Avinash Medhe
Character Animation Producer | Kamal Pahuja
Animation Supervisor | Aarchish Jain Animators | Arpit Sachdev, Anshuman Dhyani, Avinash Medhe Lighting, Texturing and Rendering | Aditya Hegde
Character Modelling | Ranjit Rathod and Gunjan Saharavat
Character Rigging | Ranjit Rathod and Aditya Hegde
Set Dressing and Compositing | Aditya Hegde

Language and Dialect
Dipannita Sharma Atwal
Nidhi Saxena
Shatabhisha Ray
Mridusmitha Nath

Swarup Deb
Aditya Hegde
Anuja Kolhatkar
Nikhil Ghanekar

Acting Reference Shoot
Acting Director | Girish Datar
Mridu | Payal Jadhav
Fulwari | Apurva Kulkarni
Arshia | Shruti Kulkarni

Research Support
Stephanie Mumenthaler | giz
Neha Kanitkar | giz Sakuntala Kasragadda | WE Hub
Reshma Hajite | Excellence Shelters
Shilpa Das | NID


Pahal- An Initiative


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