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Agency : Ogilvy, Chennai
Agency Creative Director: Mridula
Client Service: Aruna Narsi
Production House: Kadhai Films, Chennai
Animation Design and Production: GIRGIT Studios, Pune
Animation Direction: Anuj kumar
Animation Design: Swarup Deb and Anuj Kumar
Technical Supervisor: Dhiraj Moolya
2D Animators: Anuj Kumar, Swarup Deb, Raj deep Dutta, Smitha Sudhakaran
3D Animators: Avinash Medhe, Supriya Mamarde, Dhiraj Moolya,
Compositing: Anuj Kumar and Dhiraj Moolya
Music: Vedshanker Sugavanam
Vocals: Varun Kumar U & Vedjanani Sugavanam

Young World, the children's supplement from The Hindu, is being launched as a complete newspaper packed with lots of fun and games to make learning exciting! Now published on Fridays, the newspaper offers children new ways to learn about science, history, entertainment and many other topics. There are also challenging quizzes, arts and craft, interactive games and more. Subscribe to The Hindu Young World and get ready to go on an amazing adventure.

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