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Splash is a social justice organization committed to the poor, an international development agency disciplined around urban economies, a social enterprise dedicated to putting themselves out of business, and a safe water company focused on children. They reached out to us with the requirement of a fund raiser film to motivate stakeholders to fund the smooth Operations and Maintenance of installed SAnitation and safe drinking water facilities in schools. Most stakeholders took pride in installing new facilities but most didn't understand the importance and struggle of keeping the facilities up and running.

In this film we appeal to the donors and stake holders with the simplicity of an earthen clay feel juxtaposed with emotional hand painted 2D look. We remind them of the unsaid promises we made to the children of the world who lack their basic amenities to live a healthy life of dignity.

A Promise to Keep

Splash International


The film was made in English for an India centric audience and the same was adapted in an Ethiopian context where Splash is operational in Africa.

Here are a few sneak peaks into the making ofs of the films. With a team motivated and capable of adapting to the needs of a project, effective solutions can be designed while keeping the budgets reachable. We used #mixmedia with #2d and #3d to allow easy replacements of characters for complex shots as per the two different audiences while keeping it a seamless visual experience.

Client :
Design House: Girgit Studios Pvt Ltd
Creative Producer: Swarup Deb
Creative Director: Anuj Kumar
Storytelling Director: Avinash Medhe
Animation Director : Dwarkesh Bodana
Concept Art and BGs : Arindam Dutta
2D Animation: Krishna Kothari, Aadil Sayyed
Music and Sound Design : Pallav Baruah
Voice Over : The Audioworld



A Promise to Keep

Splash International

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