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Talentica is a leading Software Product Development Company that offers product engineering services to startups & enterprises. They approached us to create a viral worthy video that can capture the imagination of startup founders.

We told them remember our favourite childhood video game star, Super Mario?

In this Animated rap we designed and animated for them, Super Mario is back in his new Nextgen avatar as a startup founder walking down the not-so-easy yet very exciting road of an entrepreneur to build his own startup! Will he be able to dodge, fight and overcome all hurdles to reach the next level? Watch the video to know more!

NextGen Mario



Concept, Design and Production : Girgit Studios Pvt Ltd

Creative Producer: Swarup Deb
Creative Director: Anuj Kumar
Story Director: Avinash Medhe
Writer: Sandhya Ramachandran and Jishnav Iyer
Animation: Anuj Kumar, Jishnav Iyer
Sound Design, Singing and Music: Roto Shah



NextGen Mario


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