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Girgit Studios was responsible for conceptualizing, scripting, animation and video design and production for the Splash hygiene program, aiming educate and improve the lives and health of children living in population-urban cities- Kolkata (India) and Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).

Splash Digital Films (Junior)

Splash International


Making of Splash Junior Digital Films

Research and Development

Splash is a social justice organization that designs child -focused water, sanitation, hygiene (WASH), and menstrual health solutions with governments in some of the world’s biggest cities. An extensive design process was followed involving Contextual Research to understand the existing Splash’s content in depth, with respect to the Social Cultural context of children of both Junior and Senior Schools in Kolkata as well as Addis ababa. Secondary research was done to explore existing and possible communication styles, both narrative as well as visually.

As Primary Research we did a focus group study with primary school students in Kolkata and Addis Ababa and had discussion and feedbacks with them to ensure the content delivers the information it is intended to, while being loved by the children.

From this study we gathered the following insights:

• Our Communication can be from the perspective of the student to increase relatibility

• We can deliver WASH call-to-action messages via casual interactions between friends

• We can use music to maximise retention of key messages

• We can leverage the theme of empowerment by showing students being the agents of change

• We can emphasise on the importance of WASH practices in keeping their family safe from illnesses

Style and Treatment

We decided to develop and use muppets as characters in short stories to communicate our messaging. Explainer parts were 2D-animated and a catchy musical narration (By Shayak Banerjee) was created to maximise retention.

While narrowing down on the visuals for the muppet animation we kept in mind to

  • Avoid natural skin colours for inclusivity

  • Have the characters be gender neutral

  • Make the charcaters look visually dis

    tinguishable from each other for clarity

  • Include Playful, scribbly textures and bright colours

We also decided to use emoji inspired icons for the 2D animated sections for familiarity and their close resemblance to human hands and face would help explain the correct ways of wearing masks, washing hands.

Developing the Muppet Characters

The muppet characters were created by Lalon, an experienced toy and game designer and kids show presenter.

Taka, Dhim and Naka are 3 friends from the same school. 

Taka (Id) is a hyperactive kid who wants to enjoy life. Dhim is a confused character who is afraid to make decisions and is lovable (Ego). Naka is sensible and aware of what is good and right (Super ego). 

Backgrounds and Assets

The backgrounds were created keeping in mind how they could fit both Indian and Ethiopian contexts and how the muppets could be composited in with them. Through the backgrounds we introduced bright and energetic colours, based on the theme and mood of the characters.

The assets for the film were coloured and clipped with a scribbled texture made with a pencil brush on Procreate with white spaces were left intentionally for interesting interactions between different elements in the composition.

Backgrounds for the films:

We decided to use distorted perspective to make house interiors/ backgrounds universal and inclusive.

Shooting with Muppets

The muppet sequences were shot by Lalon and the Girgit team at Ahmedabad for three days. Lights, cameras and green screen set up at Lalon’s faculty quarters at NID, Ahmedabad. Anuj was behind the camera, Swarup and Lalon did the acting, Avinash guided with the animatics. Parth held the clapboard, took care of any continuity errors and took part in muppet acting for the Advocacy film.

The Splash Junior Films

The content and messaging for Splash Junior was divided into five films, each covering a different section of sanitation and health safety.

1. Sanitation

Taka, Naka and Dhim are out for a football match! Taka realises that it has overeaten, and now needs to go to the washroom urgently. Will the three friends be able to find a clean and hygienic washroom for Taka on time?

The film aims to educate students why is it important and how to maintain

clean sanitation facilities, motivate students to flush after using toilets, dispose

trash in wastebins and wash hands after using the toilet.

2. COVID Awareness

Naka and Taka call Dhim, who is worried about not being able to celebrate its birthday with friends—because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Can these kids find a fun way to celebrate without compromising on safety?

This film focuses on how to practice safety without fear and destigmatizing COVID-19, so that quick and necessary actions can be taken to protect others.

3. Handwashing

Dhim gets out the tiffin box to share food with Taka and Naka. Taka gets excited and rushes towards it, only to be stopped by Naka. What could be the reason behind this?

This film aims to educate and motivate students to wash their hands properly, especially before, after eating and using the toilet. Also it motivates students to maintain soaps at the handwashing station, keep it clean as well as indicate any concerns or issues with staff.

4. Advocacy

Dhim is preparing to be a Child Cabinet Member at their school. Taka and Dhina are intrigued but are not sure about the roles and responsibilties. Will Dhim be able to satisfy their curiosity and motivate them to become Child Cabinet Members?

The film aims to empower students and staff with their sense of ownership and entitlement to functioning WASH facilities, motivate students to use the

infrastructure properly, maintain it to the best of their ability andinspire other students to practice proper WASH behaviours and maintain the infrastructure.

5. Safe Water

Taka, Naka and Dhim are going out for a picnic! Taka has packed their travel bag for the first time, without taking help from Naka and Dhim. Let’s hope it has not forgotten to pack the ‘most important thing!

The film focuses on teaching the difference between clear and safe water and making kids aware about the risks posed by clear water and their basic human right to access clean and safe water.


Client - Splash International
Splash US - Megan Williams
Splash Kolkata- Sonali Paul
Splash Ethiopia- Addisu, Frehiwot

Design and Production- Girgit Studios
Creative Producer - Swarup Deb
Creative Director- Anuj Kumar
Story Director - Avinash Medhe
Studio orchestrator - Susmita Sanyal
Script- Lalon and Swarup
Bangla dialogues and lyrics - Suranjana Ray
Music - Shayok Banerjee
Voice Overs - Audio world
Character Design - Parth, Anuj
Muppets Design - Lalon
Storyboards and Animatics - Parth and Riyaaz
Animation - Parth, Riyaz and Mrignayani



Splash Digital Films (Junior)

Splash International

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